Metahuman Classifications

In order to more easily categorize the vast variety of metahuman abilities, 17 identifying labels have been created in order to classify powers based on the effects and methodology they have been observed to share in common. They are: blaster, scrapper, infiltrator, savant, bruiser, speedster, blinker, flyer, elemental, transmute, psionic, chance, shifter, instructor, adept and breaker. This selection may be subject to change in the future. There are two ways to classify a metahuman: pure and hybrid.


As the term suggests, a pure classification is used when the power only encompasses a single category. For instance, the ability to fire rays of concentrated heat and light would be considered a pure blaster power as it does not fit the criteria of other classifications. If a metahuman possesses multiple abilities which encompass other classifications, each power will be classified separately, e.g. Blaster 10, Psionic 5.


Hybrid classifications are awarded to powers which fit more than one category. An example would be the ability to assume a form which grants enhanced durability. Such power would bear both shifter and bruiser classifications simultaneously, e.g. Shifter/Bruiser 12.

Class Description
Blaster Abilities that deliver destructive capabilities from a distance.
Scrapper Abilities that are mostly close quarters.
Infiltrator Stealth-based abilities.
Acute Enhanced sensory perception or information gathering capabilities or mental processing powers.
Savant Above average intelligence compared to civilians; commonly using technology unobtainable by conventional means.
Bruiser Enhanced physical capabilities.
Speedster Impossible running speeds.
Blinker Self or targeted location displacement.
Flyer Self-assisted flight capabilities.
Elemental Manipulation of common worldly properties, e.g. fire.
Transmute Manipulation of object properties or object creation/assimilation.
Psionic Mental manipulation of organisms or inanimate objects; commonly connected to telekinesis.
Chance Probability-based abilities.
Shifter Ability to change the body.
Instructor Abilities that create beings or creatures that may follow the commands of their creator or self replicating capabilities.
Adept Ability to change properties of one’s own abilities or third party abilities.
Breaker World-ending capabilities.

Power Rating

Accompanying a metahuman's classification is a 1 to 2-digit numerical value. This number represents an arbitrary potency rating which indicates how powerful that ability is. Factors which determine a power's rating include, but not exclusive to: destructive potential, difficulty to contain and drawbacks. On average, highly dangerous powers attain a rating of above 20.

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