The Coalition of Governments (COG) is an international organization consisting of hundreds of nations. Originally formed in May 16th, 1904 under the name of the Alliance of Sovereignty (AOS), the alliance broke apart in 1964 but was rebuilt 13 years later under a new banner- the Coalition of Governments. The organization aims to continue peace efforts throughout the planet- providing aid to developing countries and negotiating peace treaties between areas of conflict.

Maintaining order in the world of metahumans is one of many tasks of the coalition. This job, in particular, is carried out by the Bureau for Metahuman Affairs (BMA)- the most heavily funded counter-terrorist organization in the world. The bureau tackles all issues metahuman. It also represents the largest metahuman scientific research institution, presenting findings which may lead humanity one step closer into understanding the nature of metahuman abilities and other anomalies.

Leading Members of the Coalition

Flag Member State Date of Admission Notes
Democratic People's Republic of Korea 18 March 1997
Germany 23 April 1915 Exited the alliance in 24 January 1930, rejoined the alliance in 10 September 1949
Helderia 8 June 1977
India 2 September 1948
Japan 17 May 1922 Exited the alliance in 18 June 1931, rejoined the alliance in 5 December 1948
Lithuania 16 May 1904
Northern Federation of the Arctic 2 September 1948
People's Republic of China 12 February 1929 Exited the alliance in 29 July 1957, rejoined the coalition in 9 April 1977
Republic of Korea 2 September 1948
Russian Federation 16 May 1904 Exited the alliance in 12 June 1956, rejoined the coalition in 8 May 1990
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 16 May 1904
United States of America 12 February 1929
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