A parallel dimension wherein there are far fewer superhumans (metahumans). However, those who possess superhuman abilities exceed the level of the average metahuman. Despite their minute numbers, superhumans still created instability in the world's nations- not too dissimilar to main universe. The job rests on the League of Nations (LON)- and more specifically the International Superhuman Agency (ISA)- to neutralize the threat of superhumans.

In Not Enough Heroes, there exist parallel versions of certain metahumans. Often, their allegiances are opposite to that of the original. The Coalition of Governments and the League of Nations have agreed to prohibit migration between the two Earths. Known portals which provide a link to Earth-1 and Earth-2 have been placed under quarantine and heavy surveillance.

Not Enough Heroes is hosted in the Pokemon Showdown Roleplaying sister room AmphyRP as well as the Still Need Heroes Discord server. Try checking out the Not Enough Heroes Google Doc.

Superhuman Classifications

Apart from alternate names, these classifications remain identical to that of metahuman classifications.

Class Description
Ordnance Abilities that deliver destructive capabilities from a distance.
Brawler Abilities that are mostly close quarters.
Stalker Stealth-based abilities.
Sonar Enhanced sensory perception or information gathering capabilities or mental processing powers.
Mastermind Above average intelligence compared to civilians; commonly using technology unobtainable by conventional means.
Brute Enhanced physical capabilities.
Speedster Impossible running speeds.
Warper Self or targeted location displacement.
Aerial Self-assisted flight capabilities.
Kinesis Manipulation of common worldly properties, e.g. fire.
Metamorph Manipulation of object properties or object creation/assimilation.
Dominator Mental manipulation of organisms or inanimate objects; commonly connected to telekinesis.
Wager Probability-based abilities.
Alter Ability to change the body.
Controller Abilities that create beings or creatures that may follow the commands of their creator or self replicating capabilities.
Ace Ability to change properties of one’s own abilities or third party abilities.
Destroyer World-ending capabilities.
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