Significant Events

Events that are heavily influenced by metahuman activity will be recorded not only as a reminder of the danger they pose to the world, but also a reminder that they are required in order to combat the terror it faces. These events are also studied upon in order to gain further insight into the capabilities of these metahumans.

Amalgamation Abomination

Sudden reports of similar auditory hallucinations occurring within the metahuman populace throughout several weeks have resulted into a manhunt for metahumans Amalga-mate and Tribute of L34RN2PL4Y throughout the Americas. An event in Manton occurred involving the two metahumans being forcefully fused into an abomination with several other uninteresting low ranking villains. The event was swiftly disarmed by paramount Hit Vibes, the purpose of this act is unknown as of this time, but the authorities reportedly arrested the villains that were thrown at their direction and the felons are sent to state prison within 4 days.

Black Wall Warpath

Chinese metahuman known as Demon Bull led his gang known as the Thunder Hill Gang on a warpath to kill people who have once placed them into Black Wall. Manton was one of the targets, and after a clash against Less Than Amoebas and Rising Sun, the gang was victorious.
The gang leader was quickly mutinied against by a metahuman whose name is unknown as of yet, but managed to dispose of the heroes within the city or force many into hiding. Villains of Manton were quick to take advantage of the situation and set up territories for themselves within the city.

Notice of a new religious group made up of addicts to mind contorting pheromones fanatically following Novaphrodisiac arrived in downtown Manton to recruit people into their cult after performing a territorial war dance in the cul de sac to draw the attention of the metahuman.

Hydrogen Bomb Detonation

The sudden appearances of monstrosities that resembled Cold War-time hero Hydrogen Bomb, not to be confused with the current Hydrogen Bomb, made an explosive entrance into the city of Manton. Reports show that these clones were quickly dispatched by the heroes that returned to Manton after a short fight that resulted in a swift victory and minimal property losses.

Nova Klan Clearout

After the crippling of Armageddons hold over Manton by Less Than Amoebas and the discharge of Bishop from the Armageddon metahuman group. The local government decided to send in a detachment of their army to deal with the Class-A threat.

With the help of arriving heroes, the threat was quickly dealt with when newcomer Sterling Silver fired a shot that neutralized Novaphrodisiac on the porch of a Miranda Meyers. Eyewitnesses report that a creature resembling the prior thought to be dead Ragnar, The Maw emerged from the building that Novaphrodisiac died in front of.

The army was preoccupied with handling the civilians that were suffering from the effects of being free from Novaphrodisiac pheromones to handle the creature. Its current whereabouts are unknown and is currently being tracked by the C.O.G.


Metahuman led robbery of a museum in Boston resulted in two stolen artifacts, the tablets that depict the Mayan god Kukulkhan. Reports from field agents noted that another metahuman has managed to create a copy of another artifact within the museum, the Scarab. The artifact is a dangerous piece of alien technology masquerading as Egyptian jewelry. Its current properties are unknown, but the C.O.G. has solidified its defences against possible alien threats if needed be.

Hero Hydrogen Bomb once again loses his suit during the fight but this time for public eyes. Recent videos uploaded online went viral after it was recorded by civilians. No attempt has been made to take down or censor the videos.

Return of the Klan/Seattle Breakdown

Riot on the streets of Seattle as the Novan Klan reemerged to seek out the reincarnation of Novaphrodisiac and reawaken the metahuman. The process of the reawakening is still unknown but it is certain that the metahuman has come back to life, escaping Seattle due to distracted heroes trying to fight another metahuman and trying to calm down the members of the Nova Klan. Novaphrodisiac was last seen in Seattles Children Hospital and remained there for approximately two weeks before leaving the state of Washington completely and heading towards Vancouver. The lockdown of the hospital was unsuccessful due to an intense hostage situation where children ended up being thrown into the mouth of Ragnar, The Maw as some sort of celebration ritual for the reincarnation.

Using Ragnar, The Maw, the metahuman and most of its Klan escaped by latching on top of the creature and plowing a way through the barricade set up, destroying three and severely damaging eight GMDA suits in the process. Leftover cultists swiftly committed suicide by charging at the soldiers to get gunned down. Survivors of the incident in the hospital have become addicted to the pheromones that Novaphrodisiac produces and had to be neutralized to prevent future hysteria, children below the age of 3 seem to be affected differently by the pheromones, outright refusing to be held by their parents after the event. More research is required for the reasons behind this.

Besides the return of Novaphrodisiac, several buildings in Seattle have been destroyed by a high concentration of explosives. Interviews with the Less Than Amoebas member Knight has revealed that a metahuman controlling several floating orbs was the culprit, taking advantage of the situation with the Nova Klan to wreak havoc for some unknown purpose. A new threat has emerged and the lack of clarity is causing panic all across the country, coverups have been established, stating that it was members of the Nova Klan who initiated the explosions to signal their return.

Seattle Shattering

Novaphrodisiac, who had just been apprehended by Canadian metahuman group Daybreakers, somehow managed to gain control of the metahuman Hydrogen Bomb, resulting in a chaotic rampage in Seattle by the metahuman that destroyed about a quarter of the city before being neutralized by metahuman Aisling, C.O.G. forces arrived to transfer Hydrogen Bomb to Black Walls metahuman hospital for further inspection, and analysis showed a distinct change in the neurological chemistry directly related to the pheromones released by Novaphrodisiac.

Hydrogen Bomb was placed within a cell and given medication accordingly. Visitation to the hospital increased by 100% after the metahumans incarceration, all requesting to visit what is believed by the American public to be The Fallen Hero.

Arizonan Metahuman Hospital Rampage

Hydrogen Bomb, still under the influence of Novaphrodisac pheromones, was released by a metahuman known as The Wraith due to a system malfunction, resulting in a rampage that almost destroyed the hospital. The metahuman group Less Than Amoebas and several other independent metahumans such as Mantons Sterling Silver managed to handle the situation and defeat Hydrogen Bomb.

Several other metahumans took advantage of the situation, incinerating civilians with some sort of eye beam before being teleported away by what was supposedly an accomplice. C.O.G. has assured the public that they will issue a kill order on the metahuman when he has been identified.
Several viral videos about the event has surfaced within the Internet, and has gained international attention. Resulting in a sudden rise of metahuman immigration to America, and civil restlessness. C.O.G. Neutralizers have been officially activated and placed within the United States to monitor the country.

Manton Bank Blergh

Metahuman Andrew Adhesive attacked a local bank within the inner city of Manton and has managed to kill Lawrence Hussle, the bank manager, who has been rumored to be laundering money and providing people with property that they would never be able to pay with their usual earnings. Evidence has been found on the crime scene detailing these events, confirming the crimes.

Eyewitnesses report Andrew Adhesive entering the bank and proceeding to projectile vomit on the security guards before disabling the civilians with a wave of his quick hardening vomitus and then making his way to Hussles office to completely drench the man in the vomitus. Metahumans arrived to engage combat against Andrew Adhesive and encountered a new ability possessed by the metahuman. Andrew Adhesive can produce vomit that mutates insects into large, trilobite like asexual creatures that actively seek out fresh meat to consume so that they can produce their eggs and some sort of pus like substance that is believed to be a combination of faeces and urine. A few specimens were acquired on the field and were sent to be researched. The trapped civilians were all casualties to the attack as they were all eaten by the insects while trapped inside the vomitus.Eyewitnesses also say that Andrew Adhesive was swarmed by the insects, providing evidence that the metahuman holds no power over them, but managed to still be able to move despite experiencing multiple fatal stabs and having the insects burrow into the body. The metahuman is not yet apprehended as Armageddon arrived to extract the metahuman with the use of Hellraiser.

Generous Vehicular Donation

A single prototype vehicle of known as a Jet-Rocket-Propelled Levitation Transport Vehicle (J-LTV) has been donated (according to the note inside the vehicle) to the american CIA Special Operations Group base. The note alongside the donation read as follows: “With this, I no longer owe America anything ~Kitsune".

It is unknown who this Kitsune is, and the hidden message within the note, if there is any, is unknown. The vehicle is being researched extensively to uncover the technology used to create it as it appears to be well beyond the current technology that exist in this time and age.

Big Trouble Little China

Manton suffered from one of the worst vandalism attacks turned all out brawl during the Chinese New Year season when metahuman Uabhas-Dhearg used firecrackers to flush out members of the Grue crime syndicate from their hideouts. The resulting event was the metahuman group Less Than Amoebas engaging in combat against the metahuman group Armageddon with metahuman Vitosatia and several other metahumans on the scene.

A sudden overcast allowed the Grue members to unleash their strange shared ability of shadow mimicry and attacked the heroes and villains. The Grues were quickly defeated when metahuman Hydrogen Bomb managed to cause an explosion resulting in the demolition of an entire building and almost all of the members of either group are confirmed to be horribly injured during the resulting blast.

Celestial Body Intrusion/Invasion of Earth

A planetary body that has been confirmed by astronomers to have been some sort of moon (estimated to be roughly about the size of the dwarf planet Pluto) suddenly appeared extremely close to Earth and caused massive atmospheric and geographic destruction throughout several countries, resulting in sudden change in tidal wave movement to increased magnitudes of seismic activity. Many religious groups claimed this event to have been the recorded End Times in religious texts as the sky started to rain down what seemed like small meteors that crashed into Earths cities.

Coincidentally, the meteors seemed to be directed towards heavily populated areas. Videos and images of creatures that resembled humans having rocky growths protruding out of different parts were uploading onto the world wide web soon after. Refugees of affected areas reported hearing whispers in their heads that were similar to the symptoms shown in paranoid schizophrenia; the symptoms continued until the moon retreated from Earths orbit. According to satellites, the moon was detonated by some kind of metahuman covered in black armor. Said metahuman destroyed several satellites, unknown if intentional or on accident, before entering Earths orbit. Recovered satellite footage showed the metahuman giving the peace sign as it was falling towards Earth.

Users of the Internet have started calling the creatures oremorphs or OreSuccs in reference to the antagonistic creatures found within the survival horror game known as Overworld. World renowned metahuman Tribute of the metahuman group L34RN2PL4Y has claimed that the creatures and the moon are directly transferred from the game itself into our world. It is unknown how this was possible and researchers are still scratching their heads over the event as a whole.

Further analysis of the ore that is retrieved from the bodies of the creatures revealed that the ore itself seems to function similarly to a type of fungus found on Earth known as Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, consuming the host for sustenance while at the same time piloting the host to seek out more creatures to infect. Humans are preferred targets, but the ore seems to be able to infest other creatures as well. Infection is spread through inhalation of the ore dust or direct contact with the ore through unprotected skin. Small amounts of dust or ore are ineffectual to humans as our immune systems are quick to dispatch the infection before it even begins, though a large quantity proves to be fatal. There is no cure or vaccine that has yet to be administered to the public.

Symptoms of infection include shortness of breath, stiffness of limbs, muscle aches, the feeling of a lump in ones throat, short sightedness, headaches, light sensitivity and itchiness. When one is showing two or more of the symptoms they must be dispatched immediately or quarantined until proper authorities are dispatched to handle the infection before it spreads.

C.O.G. sanctioned hero groups such as the Neutralizers of America, Rising Sun of Japan, Descendants of Dragon of China, Daybreakers of Canada, Knights of the Roundtable of Britain, Sverkhmoshchnyye Rossiyskoy Federatsii of Russia, Meister of Germany, Résistance of France and several others have mobilized beyond their countries to help combat the threat of these creatures.

Rumors of the ore being able to produce whispers that cause paranoid schizophrenia have surfaced on the Internet, but further research is required. Certain countries that are the least affected have already begun celebrating victory as they believe that the moon (which was speculated to be controlling the creatures) being destroyed allowed the creatures to be easily dispatched by civillains. Regardless, it is unadvised to come into close contact with the creatures due to the virulent nature of the infection.

The Return

The supervillain known as Bishop returned after being sent into hiding by the members of the Armageddon metahuman group, to take advantage of the situation with the oremorphs. Bishop then offered a cure to the still paranoid civilians of Manton by amputating their infected body parts and replacing them with cybernetic implants.

In an effort to get more materials, Bishop organized an attack on the Jumper Industries building in Manton, but was quickly stopped by Knight and his assembled team of metahumans. Bishop retreated after being blocked off by the metahumans and entered the sewer system. Several metahumans gave chase, but were taken down very swiftly according to witnesses. Bishop has managed to overpower Dungeoneer and an unknown Rising Sun member in a single blow as well as somehow managing to incapacitate Knight without much effort. Mantons own Sterling Silver engaged Bishop in single combat and was defeated after severing most of the supervillains mechanical limbs.

Bishop resurfaced after a few weeks, being chased by an unknown metahuman and escaping by entering a densely populated area. The result of Bishop entering highly populated areas saw in increase in homicides with victims being left in their homes with syringes stuck into different parts of their bodies. Latest victim known as Emmanuel Rosario Jr. is currently being taken care of in the Manton General Hospital and one of the three that have been known to survive the incident.

The metahumans have begun to rally under Black Lightning in search of Bishop in some sort of manhunt. Further investigation is required.

Ragnar Dallas Destruction

The metahuman Ragnar, The Maw, appeared in Dallas, Texas after wreaking havoc through several smaller Texan towns and eradicated most of the female population in those areas. The national army was called in to prevent Ragnar from destroying the city entirely and limiting civilian casualties by evacuating as many as they were able to before the metahuman arrived.

The metahumans have also set up their resistance against Ragnar, The Maw with the aid of metahuman Peacemaker and crime lord Saturn, but were unable to prevent most of the city from being destroyed by the rampaging monster and some unknown metahuman who was able to transform human soldiers into wailing monstrosities that caused significant issues when attempting to take down Ragnar, the Maw.

While civilian casualties are limited, several metahumans were decommissioned after the attack. The attack ended when Ragnar, The Maw, was somehow transported from Dallas to a town in Georgia How this happened was unknown.

Nova Klan Reemerges

The metahuman Ragnar, The Maw, reappears in Manton for the third time. Rampaging through the city and fighting off the metahumans before crashing into the hospital after being knocked out by unknown means.

Ragnar, The Maws rampage was revealed by agents to be an attempt to resurrect the metahuman terrorist Novaphrodisiac, who is speculated to be able to [DATA REDACTED] affecting humans, usually females, and [DATA REDACTED] and succeeded in doing so, allowing the Nova Klan to establish footholds in Manton in order to commit their rituals to celebrate the return of Novaphrodisiac.

Human and metahuman civilians were evacuated and separated into different groups. Metahuman civilians were placed into segregation camps under the command of General Asborne Doom Mass of the American branch of the Coalition of Governments for the safety of both metahuman and human civilians.

During the lockdown of Manton, eggs of unknown origin were discovered by civilians and confiscated by officers for research. However, before proper results could be produced by the researchers, the eggs hatched and unleashed a swarm of creatures on the town. The situation was handled by vigilante Knight and the Dragon Neutralizer with the help of several vigilante metahumans and Mantons Sterling Silver.

The creatures were identified to have come from Stans Monster Mash Workshop, a pet store that produces mutant creatures that have a short lifespan for the entertainment of children. Further investigation of the disaster confirmed that the shopkeeper, known as Stanley Pryde, had no direct influence over the incident. The disaster was later identified to be caused by an ignorant customer who did not follow the instructions that were required to maintain the mutant creature.

Following the rampages, the lockdown was eventually lifted by the launch of anti-metahuman missiles created using similar ideas to the Neutralizers. The launch was successful despite minor collateral damage done to the suburban area due to the Nova Klan combatting the local militia lead by members of the L34RN2PL4Y metahuman group.

Ragnar, The Maw, Novaphrodisiac and Stanley Pryde are presumed dead after the initial bombing and the troops were mobilized out of the city of Manton.

The Rising Sun Departs

After an increase in kaiju-related attacks within Japan, the Rising Sun members that are stationed within America have been recalled save for one member that has yet to be confirmed to be a proper member. According to the Japanese ambassador, the remaining member is currently within America to train their powers.

Japan has gone radio silent since the kaiju attacks. Satellite imagery confirms that areas within Hokkaido and Hiroshima have been devastated by an unknown kaiju of previously unrecorded proportions.

A New Dawn

Metahuman Apollo has awakened from a 3-year comatose state after a large humanoid creature infiltrated the Manton General Hospital. Apollo first made contact with local retired hero and fisherman James Gardner, and an investigation is currently being carried out to find a link between the Purifiers metahuman group with the Gardner family.

With Apollo returning as a metahuman hero, the civilians of Manton are confident in the abilities of their roster of new and returning heroes, including but not limited to Sterling Silver, Apollo, recently confirmed to be the only remaining Rising Sun member Kamen Ryujin, Blink of the Less Than Amoebas hero group and the rumored Taximan.

Sightings of dodo birds along the beaches of Manton have also spurred an increase in tourism in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the once thought to be extinct species of birb.

The End of Armageddon?

The Armageddon metahuman group suffered from an unprovoked attack from an mysterious entity that was described by metahuman Bling to be a “silvery scarecrow lookin…dude”. Almost all members of the metahuman group suffered heavy injuries except for Uabhas-Dhearg who was not present at the scene of the attack and Rampage who was fatally injured by the attacker.

Other metahumans such as Andrew Adhesive and Death Metal Hellscream suffered grievous bodily harm to the stomach region and the arms respectively. A debate is still ongoing regarding the need to amputate the arms of Death Metal Hellscream due to them not responding to treatment.

Hellraiser was not admitted to Manton General Hospital due to a never before seen ability to regenerate wounds via absorbing flames. However, the metahuman was placed on suicide watch by the local authorities due to sudden self destructive tendencies.
Metahuman “Bling” was decapitated and in turn placed onto a small 8x8 inch box where the metahuman proceeded to grow four small limbs resembling that of a cartoon character to aid in movement.


A startling and destructive attack was launched on San Francisco by a gang of metahumans who are known as the Drop Bois. The group is known to recruit violent metahumans with explosion or pyrokinetic themed abilities to bolster their forces and improve their grasp on territories within the southern regions of California.

The sudden attack on San Francisco, led by gang leader Artillery, was speculated by investigators to be a show of power from the gangsters and a way to test the abilities of the protectors of the area. It is currently unknown why the gangsters have decided to invade San Francisco but they were successfully beaten by a group of metahumans before being extracted by an unknown metahuman with an ability to jump great distances. During an attempted heist, one of the gangs metahumans, known as Tinder was apprehended by metahuman Catalyst and brought into custody. During the questioning session prior to the escape of Tinder, it was stated that the gang was here to seek out revenge against the metahuman Hydrogen Bomb and the terrorist acts were merely just to “challenge the S.O.B.”.

Tinder was unable to successfully escape custody as the metahuman entered combat against several of San Francisco's other metahumans and was eventually taken down by once M.I.A. Hydrogen Bomb. The resulting fight destroyed most of the Transamerica Redwood Park until it was regrown by the local biokinetics Bounty. It is noted how eerily similar the powers of Hydrogen Bomb and Tinder are, speculation online regarding their relationship with each other has began to spread like wildfire.

Further terrorist acts were committed by the gang up to the point where the government was forced to utilize one of its Neutralizers to assist the authorities in combatting metahuman threats and so far has been successful in diminishing the amount of terrorist acts. The final act of Drop Boi terrorism was ended when the Neutralizer aided metahuman Catalyst and hero of Manton Sterling Silver to take down an unnamed pyromimic metahuman after two unknown metahumans were killed in what is understood as a territorial dispute. The first field run of the GR13 model was a success and gossip regarding the relationship Sterling Silver and Catalyst has begun to show up online after witnesses noticed their interactions with each other.

Stop, Drop, Seattle

Chronokinetic metahuman terrorist Freezeframe managed to evade capture during the San-Francisco event and held the entire city of Seattle hostage with a reality warping machine that had the ability to stop the flow of time. The terror act was halted by a yet to be identified speedster before another metahuman, Ragnar, The Maw appeared in Seattle for some unknown reason.

The arrival of Freezeframe had already warranted the intervention of national forces and casualties caused by the new metahuman was minimal due to the evacuation process. Both metahumans were defeated by a group of unconfirmed metahumans and Freezeframe is currently being shipped to ██████████.

Florida Vampire Frenzy

Vampire sightings in Florida finally stopped as what is presumed to be the leader of the Type Five strain of Rhevions Afflicted was taken down by Shockwave and Shadowstep with the aid of Devil Hunter, a metahuman once thought to have died during the kaiju assault on Miami, Florida after driving a vehicle into the creatures head to send it back into a portal created by Admiral Blink.

The Rhevions Afflicted brood had been devising a plan to manipulate a small town in Florida using an miasma that caused agnosia to those who were affected. Fortunately, the miasmas effects were not permanent and civilians that were affected did not suffer lasting damage.

Metahuman Hector, a metahuman who had the ability to acquire physical traits from the blood of other metahumans turned Rhevions Afflicted was put down through the combined efforts of aforementioned metahumans. During the battle, Devil Hunter was presumed to be brought in dead by paramedics after suffering fatal injuries from combating Hector.

In other news, confirmation of Devil Hunter being the biological father of metahuman Kraken has led to debate on how metahuman biology functions as both shifters do not share similar visual traits with one another.

Devil Hunters body is buried within the graveyard of the town he died in, which has been renamed by the local community to be Redvale.

Whipup Conspiracy

The small town of Whipup, Florida experienced a terrible attack from the metahuman Deathfog as well as a pack of Type Five Rhevions Afflicted led by a vampire that was confirmed to be Count Leandro of the Nosfera, a metahuman group specifically recruiting Type Five Rhevions Afflicted.
The attack began on Hallows Eve morning when an unnatural fog appeared in the town, along with a group of reanimated dead that included what civilians claimed to be the reanimated body of Caliburn.[DATA REDACTED]. The body was not of Caliburn but of another metahuman similar to Caliburn, [DATA REDACTED].

Metahuman Deathfog was said to be in possession of a device that was stated by local eye witnesses to be some kind of walking hunched back fog machine, that allowed Deathfog to reanimate dead bodies. The cadavers ceased to function when the machine was destroyed and Deathfog was forced to retreat into a human body. Deathfog was captured successfully by C.O.G. Agents and being transferred to Black Wall.

The machinery was mostly destroyed by crude methods but cross referencing with the database has shown [DATA REDACTED]. It is unknown why the town was attacked and how the attack began. Further investigation is required.

Just Novaphrodisiac

Machines similar to the one that was operated by metahuman Deathfog were scattered across the United States of America. The machines released a type of miasma that transformed any human being within the contact with the miasma into an instance of beings who believed themselves to be the reincarnation of Novaphrodisiac.

Upon further research, the miasma was identified to actually be [DATA REDACTED] Speculation of a secret supervillain organization has begun online due to the similarities in the attacks after the situation was resolved by an unnamed metahuman which dispensed cocoa scented liquid from the skies all across the country and proceeded to spatially displace a mug of cocoa for all of the cure affected.

Manton Shatters

Two armies consisting of machines and Nova Klanists invaded the city of Manton, resulting in a clash between the two forces that racked up civilian casualties to and estimated number of three hundred. The war between the two forces, as well as the attempts of local metahumans to prevent further casualties devastated the city. Local law enforcement were powerless against the ensuing disaster and dwindled to a handful before the national army and L3N5 finally arrived in Manton.

The situation escalated after the arrival of Ragnar, The Maw and Silver Scarecrow, which were defeated and presumed to be neutralized by two different metahumans. It was confirmed that metahuman Sterling Silver destroyed the Silver Scarecrow, and several other metahumans made a name for themselves such as Whip Fly, previously known as Liquorice Man by the locals. Metahuman group Less Than Amoebas arrived shortly after both dangerous metahumans arrived, it was noted that Black Lightning and Boxcars were missing from the roster.

The situation reached its peak when metahuman Novaphrodisiac arrived as a huge mechanical anomaly that seemed to be the source of the machines arrived as well. The mechanical assimilated several parts of the city into its being while the arrival of Novaphrodisiac encouraged bolder attempts to combat the national army and metahumans that were protecting Manton.

The mechanical was eventually destroyed by Sterling Silver, along with the rest of the mechanical army, followed by Novaphrodisiac and its forces. Perhaps the most disturbing factor of the battle was the revelation of all Klanists being proxies for Novaphoridisiac and her rebirth. The end result produced as many corpses of the Novaphrodisiac instance as there were dead Klanists. Sterling Silver proceeded to engage local metahumans in combat, under the misconception of them being under the influence of Novaphrodisiac or, as magic researchers claim, was under the influence of the Aspect of War”.

Metahumans Hydrogen Bomb and Blink were mortally wounded in the ensuing battle, but Sterling Silver was eventually subdued by an unknown.

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