Andrew Adhesive


Name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Classification: Transmute 13, Instructor 10, Bruiser 5

Description: Andrew Adhesive is a blond-haired male wearing a metal mask- which covers the lower mouth area- with red tinted goggles over the eyes to protect from adhesive backfire, outfitted with a special harness crossing over the abdominal and pectoral area. He sports a red windbreaker and a pair of jeans as well.

Abilities: Adhesive Regurgitation; concluded to be caused by a genetic malfunction within the body that turns vomit into a strong, quick hardening adhesive substance that is able to cultivate and mutate hyper-carnivorous insects that lay eggs inside freshly wounded bodies. Harness and mask allows for controlled regurgitation by flexing pectorals and abdominal muscles in a certain order.

Speculated to have some sort of adaptation ability in regards to the body, as the subject is able to move despite being fatally injured.

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