AR15 - Aerial Reconnaissance v15

Codename: Thunderbird

Status: Decommissioned12

Sex: N/A

Classification: Flyer 23, Blaster 18, Transmute 11, Instructor 14, Bruiser 15, Psionic 5

Description: Created from a lightweight, gravity defying metal found on the crashed alien craft, dubbed 'Seraphium'. Streamline body with a pair of triangular wings aided with hover plates for gentle landing. The unit's name is imprinted on top of the right wing.

The unit is the second model created by the second generation3 Project Andromeda research team, after the DV05 model.

Abilities: The metal allows the machine to be swift while in the air and perform evasive maneuvers that would crash a normal fighter jet. It is armed with a powerful anti-aircraft ray gun that is specifically designed for durable, yet agile flying metahumans. For ground units, it is equipped with special adhesive missiles that will coat the target in a fast hardening substance, preventing escape and allowing its allies to engage with added ease. Also able to project disorientating displays of lights to induce nausea in aerial targets and remotely commandeer terrestrial aerial combat vehicles if needed be.

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