Four blessings symbol

Name: Unknown

Sex: Female

Classification: Adept/Chance 22

Description: Boxcars is a brown-haired female who sports a color-changing skintight suit with the four blessing symbols over the stomach and a mask that covers the eyes. Occasionally seen sporting a cloak that covers the entire body. Her most notable accessory is an amulet that constantly changes the number displayed on it.

Abilities: The metahuman has shown different kinds of abilities from multiple accords, ranging from super strength to shapeshifting into a dove. It is unclear how this occurs; more research is required. Powers are speculated to be correlated to the number displayed on the necklace, currently known numbers and their correlating abilities are listed below:


1: Powers that provide a disadvantage, such as melting into a puddle or turning into a snail

2-4: Some degree of weaker kinesis or bodily modifications that improve one bodily function while severely weakening another

5-9: Mostly shapeshifting capabilities

12: Recorded to be capable of projecting burning objects, e.g. hats out of wrist. Also recorded to be able to produce objects out of body parts.

15: Recorded to be super strength, or powers related to improving strength.

18: Recorded to be powers on par with a level 30 metahuman


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