Name: Kylie Eastwood

Sex: Female

Classification: Scrapper/Elemental 28

Description: Brown hair with pink highlights. Clothing is constantly changing but seems to follow a theme of being combat ready, allowing swift movement of legs. Face is covered by a mask resembling the lower part of a human skull, albeit with stylized canines.

Abilities: Impeccable knowledge in Asian styled hand to hand combat, has shown to be capable of performing a variation of fighting styles ranging from Wing Chun, Jiu-Jistu, Musti-yuddha, Silat and Choi Kwang-Do. Recent records of her true powers have surfaced, being able to manipulate the kinetic energy that is being produced by her attacks and direct them into her blows to make them more powerful. Rumored to be able to create extra limbs using said kinetic energy, but has been denied by most researchers to be exaggeration of her fast attacking style.

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