Death Metal Hellscream
KISS face paint design

Name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Classification: Elemental 25

Description: Death Metal Hellscream is a male with black hair and blonde highlights which is tied back in a ponytail. His face is covered in white face paint and black markings that resemble the designs from the KISS rock band. The subject wears a black jacket with spiked shoulders, a chain belt and black leather pants covered in white stitches and is occasionally seen wielding a simple electric guitar.23

Abilities: Acoustikinesis; concluded to only be able to manipulate sound waves instead of producing dangerous sound waves by himself. Destructive power of said sound waves have been recorded, ranging from being equivalent to a hand held grenade to a C-4 explosive. Recently discovered to be able to release powerful waves of sound in the form of a high pitched scream dubbed as the 'Hellscream'.

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