Name: Tyke Healy

Sex: Male

Classification: Transmute/Adept/Breaker 5

Description: Originally black hair, changes when abilities are activated. Originally blue eyes, changes when abilities are activated. Commonly seen wearing T-shirts in relation to video game producing companies that specialize in the RPG genre, cargo pants and a pair of sneakers in a wide variation of color manufactured by the 'Jacks' company.

Abilities: Able to materialize pieces of armor, clothing, and/or weaponry out of thin air. The items materialized correlate with whatever powers that are being possessed at the current time, ranging from super strength to camouflage to pyrokinesis to the ability to raise the dead (as recorded on stream). Possessing such a vast quantity of abilities make this metahuman to be a concern, but interactions with agents proved that the metahuman does not mean harm. Further observation is required.

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