DV05 - Dominor Victus v0.5

Codename: Spider

Status: Decommissioned12

Sex: N/A

Classification: Infiltrator 25, Shifter/Transmute 15, Bruiser 15

Description: Created from a self-replicating bio-organic metal retrieved from the crashed alien craft dubbed 'Cirnosium'. Name imprinted on the left side of the body. Flat body is supported by 8 powerful limbs that allow scaling of vertical surfaces and provide with a nimbleness that allows the model to dodge incoming attacks.

The unit is the first complete model of the second generation3 Project Andromeda research team.

Abilities: The metal allows the machine to not only regenerate lost parts of itself by assimilating nearby metallic objects, its bio-organic properties also allow the metal to correspond with its surroundings to camouflage4 the machine. It is also armed with a semi-automatic gauss cannon that is able to fire slugs up to 8 kilometers, and is also able to project a form of strong webbing mimicking common spiders used to ensnare or rescue targets. It uses the same programming as the L3N5 model, making it immune to native computer viruses, and has been upgraded to be able to predict movements and changes in motion to enable higher accuracy and fast responses to attacks.

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