F3NC - Fade-3 Neutralizer Compact


Codename: Pixie

Sex: N/A

Classification: Savant/Instructor 27, Blaster 12, Acute/Infiltrator 17

Description: Created from the materials that made up the surveillance drones that were found on the crashed alien craft, dubbed 'Fragmentis'. Diminutive size in comparison to its brethren, but sports a small hover disk that allows free form flight. Its cubic body makes it easy for storage among one of the larger machines, and ease of deployment.

The unit relies on the compact, light, but relatively underpowered, LazarusC v2 power core developed by Grens Inc. in 2010. The Fade model, along with its software, Cell A.I., was developed by a research team led by Professor Vidaly Stepanov under the behest of Project Andromeda2

Abilities:3 The metal itself is lightweight and allows smooth travel in the air, but its lack of defenses make it quite weak against direct attacks. It is equipped with a 200,000 volt shock module and a pair of built in sub machine guns, designed for incapacitating low profile metahumans. Its diminutive size combined with its high agility makes it extremely hard to target. It has been noted to create other versions of itself using various material for scouting and intimidation purposes, the copies (F3NT54) are more single minded than the original and are easily destroyed. The copies have been recorded to be able to replicate and repair themselves and will attempt to swarm perceived enemies in a manner similar to bees. Its programming with the use of the old surveillance drones allows it to connect with local surveillance devices and prevents it from being affected by native computer viruses.

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