Name: Flynn Antelmo

Sex: Male

Classification: Chance/Adept 20

Description: Subject is a blonde male approximately 6'2" in height. Under the alias Flamingo, he is seen wearing a suit. Said attire is fire proof and was possibly created by another metahuman. Antelmo wields a laser blade- presumably created by the same unknown metahuman due to matching design as Flamingo displays no proficiency as a savant1- though weaker than the conventional laser weapon.

Abilities: Seemingly without the subject's agency, his ability allows him to manifest an additional power from an assortment of abilities2 unto either himself or others. These new abilities will not override existing metahuman powers and will simply coexist. These abilities are temporary; recorded to last up to one hour if applied to the subject. Duration is approximately halved when bestowed onto third parties. Flamingo is incapable of bestowing powers if an active host exists.3

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