GR13 - Ground Reconnaissance v13


Codename: Basilisk

Sex: N/A

Classification: Bruiser 28, Blaster 15, Scrapper 21, Acute 10

Description: GR13 is repurposed from the decommissioned AK32 unit and reduced in height as well as weight to better aid in mobility during combat. The material used for the unit has been augmented and dubbed 'Highshards'. The bipedal unit sports arms equipped with five appendages meant to mimic humanoid fingers as well as a pair of wheeled legs that allow high mobility. The unit runs on the energy efficient LazarusEX power core.

The unit was constructed at the Area 51 classified military base, assembled by the Project Andromeda2 research team, Phoenix, led by Prof. dr Franc Staalwerker. Its software has been updated to a modified version of GATE.OS3- a standard software used by conventional patrol drones.

Abilities: The metal allows the machine to withstand a hit from a bruiser 25 metahuman and makes it resistant to most elemental metahuman attacks. It utilizes its arms for close combat aided by the operating system. Its left arm is able to produce a crossbow attachment that allows it to fire tranquilizing darts to more lethal material when absolutely necessary. The crossbow attachment has also been updated with a nozzle function in which the unit is able to release tear gas from its systems. Its wheel feet are also equipped with razors to better aid in grip by allowing it to dig into the ground on slippery terrain. Higher processing capabilities has allowed the unit to identify target and ally metahumans. It currently possesses one weakness, which is its inability to balance itself against seismokinetics.

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