Global Mobile Defense Suit

Name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Classification: Bruiser 28, Flyer 14

Description: The pilot is encased in a suit of armor that strongly resembles a standard issue Global Mobile Defense Armor, albeit vandalized with a blue and gold coat of paint with a shape similar to a knight’s helmet etched into the visor. It is speculated that the armor worn by the subject is the missing original model of the GMDA.

Abilities: While the pilot of the armor is unknown to have any metahuman abilities, the armor itself proves to be able to lift 30 thousand tons- far exceeding the maximum load of the common standard issue armor. It also has a built-in propulsion device that allows controlled flight. Built-in deflectors allow construction of dome shields, with a diameter of 10 feet and a height of 7 feet, along with energy shielding to protect against EMP attacks.

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