L3N5 - Lancer-3 Neutralizer v5


Codename: Dragon

Sex: N/A

Classification: Blaster 29, Bruiser 20, Acute 4

Description: Completely clad in indestructible metal retrieved from the crashed alien craft dubbed 'Galantium'. Name painted on chest in thick bold letters. The unit's large, smooth body is supported by thick quadrupedal legs to support the weight of heavy artillery and the metallic body. Heavy weaponry is mounted on the unit's shoulders with a pair of arms- equipped with hard light projectors hidden within compartments- and a pair of pulse rifles for hands.

The unit is powered by a photokinetic core, Lumin-2, developed by research teams at ██████ ████. A separate team, led by Professor Vitaly Stepanov, at Project Andromeda2 was tasked with the construction of the Lancer model as well as designing the artificial intelligence3 installed on the unit.

Abilities: Equipped with state of the art heavy weaponry crammed into one single machine- dubbed the 'Omnicannon'. Most of its large artillery weapons are stored within the back compartment, shrunken down to fit using a molecular destabilizer and resized when extended outwards. Its arms are able to project hard light constructs of heavy weaponry such as anti-aircraft rockets or heavy machine guns. The unit's chest can open up to reveal a large cannon with an extendable barrel that concentrates and fires energy in a widespread manner. A complete display of L3N5’s arsenal of weaponry can be performed under the Black Dragon Protocol4 Its programming with the use of reverse engineered artificial intelligence prevents it from being affected by native computer viruses.

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