The Soldier

Name: Mark Szewc

Sex: Male

Classification: Blaster/Psionic 15, Bruiser 4

Description: [LAST SEEN] Wears a black tactical suit and usually is armed with guns, likely of savant origin. Tactical suit prevents exact identification, but is 6'6". Former leader of Anthrop Organization, an anti-metahuman terrorist organization believed to be disbanded for unknown reasons.

Abilities: Peak human speed and strength, amplified by suit. Uncanny marksmanship with almost all ranged weapons. Favored weapon is a modified Zastava M93 Black Arrow sniper rifle, noted to be capable of piercing straight through 1 foot of solid concrete without loss of momentum. Bullets appear to 'curve' in midair towards targets in some cases. It's uncertain if this is a property of the weapon or Soldier's own ability.

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