Name(s): Pale Mother, Stark One, The White Queen, She-Who-Drips-With-Sweetest-Of-Honey

Sex: Female1

Classification: Psionic 28, Bruiser 2

Description: Platinum hair. Pale white skin, red eyes without pupils, reddish forearms with clawed fingers, long serrated red tail, one inch long red horns protruding out of forehead. Instance shows a dislike for wearing clothing and is often spotted nude. Instance has also been recorded to exist in alternating ages that do not adhere to chronological order, ranging from infancy to adolesence to young adulthood. Through the use of its abilities the subject has created a nation wide cult2 within the United States, fanatically devoting their lives to what they believe to be a being of holy origin. Detained fanatics are to be treated immediately with the developed antidote3 and psychiatric theraphy following the recovery state.

Abilities: Recorded to have mental manipulation in the form of pheromones produced from a gland at the upper sides of the neck, near the jaw bone. Affected beings fall into a completely subjugated state and carries out tasks demanded from source. Seems to hold some manipulative powers over serpents as well. Possesses above average strength along with above average agility and durability, recorded to not be able to withstand gunshots. Instance is speculated to be immortal, posessing the ability to be reborn through [DATA EXPUNGED]. Recorded abilities vary in strength based on the current age and self-confidence.

The instance has bred with countless of humans and metahumans, below is a list of currently known spawn, dubbed 'Nova Born'.

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