Name: Ayden Spooner

Sex: Male

Classification: Psionic 10

Description: The subject is an old, grey haired male at about 5'4" in height. He seems to go by the alias Shaman, in all occasions where he has been spotted he's been wearing a formal black suit and being followed by a group of at least 4 people. The subject is also seen to be proficient at shooting, driving and basic stealth.

Abilities: The subject's ability seems to allow him to take over the minds of other creatures and control them to his whim after a few hours of destroying their mental state. It seems while having your mental state destroyed Shaman can make an illusion that only the people being targeted can see, these illusions normally make it seem like something is digging into your skull but it is not known if they are more versatile . The people being targeted also seem to experience an abhorrent migraine and a cacophonous sound in their ears, these symptoms leave the target unable to hear and make it harder for the target to move.

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