Sterling Silver
Artist's rendition of Sterling Silver

Name: Maria Rosario

Sex: Female

Classification: Scrapper 28, Flyer 20, Bruiser 19

Description: [CURRENT] Silver colored, short hair. Body coated in nengin steel. Yellow light-up screens over eyes. Wears a grey leotard with light grey swirls along the torso, a belt around her waist and a black gem at the leotard's collar.

Abilities: Able to both fly and glide across the ground at fast speeds due to both robotic feet containing rockets and spinning nengin steel sawblades.3 Each wrist opens up, holding a dagger in the left and a sword in the right; both made from nengin steel. The metal plating4 covering her body protects her from bullets, blunt force, etc.. All four limbs can be detached and reattached.

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