Name: Antoinette ███████ █████████

Sex: Female

Classification: Shifter/Bruiser 24

Description: Uabhas-Dhearg possesses black long hair in either form. Non-shifted body appears to be a female of height 5'4" wearing fake glasses, a grey jacket, a black T-shirt with the word 'Totanihilated' printed on the chest and a pair of brown long pants. Body type is slightly chubby. Shifted form displays red skin, a pair of large black horns growing out of the forehead, sharpened teeth, pointed nails, ungalade-like hooves and a long, prehensile tail growth tipped with sharp barb.

Abilities: Abilities in shifted form include: prehensile tongue and tail, enhanced endurance- as seen when impacted by large moving public transport vehicle- and enhanced strength- as seen when carrying large public transport vehicle. Additionally, this form is stated to have an increased body temperature. The metahuman is capable of transforming at will.

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