V4HL - Victorium-4 Heaven's Light
Unpainted V4HL faceplate

Codename: Valkyrie

Sex: N/A

Classification: Flyer 27, Blaster 23, Acute 10

Description: V4HL is repurposed from the decommissioned AR15 and DV05 units2 with aid from the Japanese. The material used for the unit has been augmented and dubbed 'Mithril'. The bipedal unit is given a faceplate that vaguely resembles a woman and a pair of wings designed to resemble that of an angel. The wings are lined with a newly invented anti-gravity disk. Three rockets are attached to the back of the machine for additional mobility. The unit's Lumin-23 energy core is exposed through a translucent dome constructed out of hard light. The unit also has a pair of arms that end in sleek cannons, the cannons can be withdrawn in order to use its finger-like appendages.

The unit was constructed at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, assembled by the Project Andromeda4 research team, Phoenix, led by Prof. dr Franc Staalwerker in collaboration with the Kyoto research team. Its software has been updated to a modified version of GATE.OS5, a similar version to the one used by the GR13 model.

Abilities: The metal is light and allows the unit to achieve flight with a combination of rockets and anti-gravity disks. It is able to recharge itself using solar energy and release concentrated photokinetic beams at targets through the arm cannons or use its arm cannons to channel a blast from the core region. The equipped rockets also allow the unit to move at a pace in which appears as translocating short distances while in flight.

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