Less Than Amoebas Vs. Ashes to Last

"Yeah. I can do this. Okay, so, he blinks just like you. You can fight him right?" The swordsman muttered to himself as he and the creature in front of him paced around each other, his rapier held up and pointed at the creature as his other clutched a parrying dagger, held against his back. Walking a few steps closer to the creature, he flicked his head upwards to make the nose of his tricorne not hinder his vision. After a few moments of starting, he decided to use bravado against this creature. "Hey, bug eyes, the 80s called, they want their costume back." He forced a smirk, the creature's unblinking eyes causing him intense unease. "ET goes home today."

The creature jabbered in some unknown garble and took a step towards Blink. Razor sharp talons erupting from the tips of its 6 fingered hands, startling Blink so much that he actually took a step back. "Well…fuck."

The bone thin creature’s pale skin flashed red then purple before it disappeared with a soft hissing sound, it had teleported behind the hero and jammed the talons of its right hand into his side. The talons struck through green sparkles as Blink had teleported out of the striking range of the creature and mimicked its ambush maneuver, appearing behind it and thrusting his rapier forward, the blade striking the talons that came to intercept it. This forced Blink to back off as he knew that what he was fighting was essentially twelve blades all working in unison with one another, he smirked at the creature. “Say, those are some long nails, I know this pretty cool manicure place and I’m pretty sure the ladies there will wanna give you a discount.”

He blinked away from a lunge as he continued to talk. “I’m pretty sure girls would love to do your nails, a little pink is always good to brighten up someone’s day.” He had to blink again to prevent a cheap circumcision, “Good to see we have an agreement on something.”

The creature blinked after him and swiped at his face, but the talons were swept aside by the rapier as Blink teleported a distance behind the creature. His sword still raised, his poise ready, his feet planted to the ground. His vision went blurry when he felt an intense pain in his side,“You want to dance? Fine, we dance.” He teleported away, the creature screeched and followed.

What ensued was a clash of blades over the sound of buzzing and the popping sound of a soda can being opened by the tab with the fizzing sound of escaping gas, parrying, jabbing, feinting as pulses of purple and sparkles of green filled the air, each blow snagging at either’s afterimage as they covered their distance across the entire warehouse. The fierce, flashing fencers slit through the silence of their surroundings as their blade swiftly swam through the air like still ticking silver fish. With Blink shouting out quips as they clashed, “You know when I imagined a dance I imagined one with a girl and not someone whose mom dropped on the face. Oh! You should take ballet lessons. My mom’s got a really nice coach and she would definitely not want to meet you. Hey! What happens when your nose itches and you sneeze?” This further aggravated the creature as it attempted to make Blink shut up.

Eventually, one of them must submit. Suffering from multiple jab wounds, the two stopped and stood in front of each other, Blink’s shoulder bleeding, his legs shivering as they stubbornly resisted the lacerations. The creature was on it’s knees, gurgling as it stared at the wounds in its hands, unable to move, yet it’s shoulder shuddered as it tried to push itself up, refusing to admit defeat. Blink inhaled, clenched his fist, and then all was dark.

With every flight, there comes a fall. In this instance, it matters who falls. The heroine soared through the air, in hot pursuit of the black clad felon. An odd mechanical object, an engine of sorts clasped in the villain’s talons, it’s wires bobbing at every flap of her wings. The sight of her having actual wings, moving like a well oiled machine, the ruffle of the feathers that was heard in the wind made Songbird jealous, all she had were fake ones, hard light constructs of actual wings, unable to perform deft movements like her counterpart’s.

Her momentary distraction proved near fatal as everything around her suddenly disappeared, the blue skies became black, her skin stopped feeling the rush of the air, her ears stopped hearing the sound of the wind and her back stopped experiencing the warmth of the sun. She heard one word in the back of her head. “Fall.” A soft, coaxing whisper in a voice almost like hers, but less refined, not as challenging. The reality of things snapped back to her as she landed face first into a building roof, tumbling across the top and skidding to a stop before she reached the edge, the fall forcing her suit to retract her wings to prevent them from being damaged.

With one hand clutching her head and the other pushing herself up, wincing as she looked around for the villain that blinded her senses. It was just in the nick of time that she managed to look up and dodge afterwards as sharp metallic talons almost impaled her skull, she scrabbled to gain footing as the fall still disorientated her, the flood of sensation making her slightly nauseous. Yet, she managed to speak. “Give it up, Crow. I’ve already called my team, they’ll be arriving shortly.” A bluff, she’d left her phone in her locker when she went to change, but Crow did not seem to care. The silent, black clad villainess spread her wings and Songbird began to feel her senses fade away again, “Oh no you don’t.” She leaned against the balls of her feet, inhaled and let out a piercing shriek that shattered the incoming darkness, forcing Crow to retract her abilities to cover her own ears. The shriek lasted only for a moment, any longer would have been fatal, but it was enough to disorient her so that Songbird could snatch the device that was locked in Crow’s talons away.

Crow responded by grasping Songbird by the head with her free talon and tossed her aside like a ragdoll. Another feat Songbird lacked, physical strength, that and the mechanical talons of course. She blew out another brief shriek, knocking Crow’s cowl off and making the talons release her as Crow frantically pulled her cowl back on. Her wings had shifted back into human arms, equipped with sharp metal talons at the ends of each finger. And using those sharp talons, Crow launched herself at Songbird, tackling her and swiping at her face causing Songbird to jerk her head backwards as the swipe allowed Crow to momentarily blind her. Songbird panicked and dropped the device she was holding, but activated her suit’s hard light wings and swiped at Crow’s supposed direction, she heard the sound of impact. Crow had shrouded herself in her own feathery wings, protected from the incoming assault and with a violent push, she managed to knock Songbird over, along with the device that had begun rolling off the roof. The clanking metallic object stopped making noise as it fell of the edge, Crow turned and quickly dove off the building after the object, with Songbird following soon after.

The two clashed in the air as Songbird kicked away incoming talon strikes and retaliated with her own kicks, the two almost crashed into the street that was rushing up to meet them and the device. Songbird screeched, white noise blasting at Crow at a close proximity as Crow’s powers began to cloud Songbird’s senses. The last thing they both heard was the device crashing against the floor.

‘Stand tall for the beast of America!’ Music blared from the chestplate of the mechanical behemoth that struck it’s fists against the fist of another beast. ‘Stand tall for the people of America!’ The pure strength of the two beings clashing had deleterious effects on the environment around them, the collision strength was so powerful that it sent out a shockwave that knocked over benches and bent saplings and lampposts. Neither of them seemed to be doing enough damage to one another to properly incapacitate their adversary, that was until the beast grabbed Knight by the waist and suplexed him into the ground, sending out another shockwave that scrambled the user interface of the suit.

‘Shield integrity at fifty five percent. Armor integrity at one hundred percent.’ chimed the A.I. of the suit as it suffered another strong force of impact, scattering the user interface into blue static. He could hear the booming roars of his assailant whaling away on his armor. ‘Shield integrity at forty five percent, twenty percent, twelve percent. Warning, shielding failure, armor integrity at eighty five percent’. He could feel the impact force of the hamfisted opponent bashing away at his helmet. Knight clenched his right hand and dove his fist into the side of his enemy’s face, knocking the beast off him and giving him a brief reprieve of the relentless assault. His user interface returned and he realized that his visor had cracked, which led to a momentary distraction from the enemy, allowing the beast to clock a fist against his visor once again with the force of a tank being thrown at about forty miles per hour, or seventy kilometers per hour.

Knight retaliated with another punch, driving his gauntleted hand into the stomach of the monster that he fought, hearing a sickening crunching sound as his visor was spattered with spit as he knocked the air out of the beast. Offended and roaring, it quickly recovered as it tried to punch at Knight with a right swing, but Knight was able to grab the fist before it came, and stopped the other one from coming at him as well. “Your impetuous actions will get everything around us reduced to rubble, for what purpose? What goals do you have to mindlessly swing your barbarism at my direction? Your attempts are as fruitless as this skirmish and will end with extreme casualties. Please, stop this before we end up destroying more of people’s livelihoods.” Knight tried to negotiate with the beast he was fighting, perhaps it would listen to reason, take this brawl somewhere else, but he did not expect being forced to activate his thrusters in order to prevent himself from being pushed back by it’s brute strength. A single roar sprang from the monster’s lips.


The limited speech patterns showed sentience, but a significant lack of intellect. Knight’s grip tightened on the monster’s fists as he was losing ground against its raw power. ‘Then you leave me no choice.” Knight knew that if he continued this, there would be nothing left around him to protect. He had to end this fight now. “Direct current and reserve power sources arm thrusters, save for necessary energy for emergency calls and 2 hours of life support.” Knight said as he pushed with all his might, the electrical engines of his suit screeching like a demented choir as energy pulsed over his body. With little energy left, Knight let go of the incoming fist which drove into the side of his helmet, cracking it further as he uppercut the beast in the chin with his left, expelling all of his energy into one arm, sending a massive blast of electricity into the monster and at the skies above. The monster punched back, a blow mightier than Knight’s, denting the chestplate as Knight felt it break some of his ribs, his cries of pain were not heard as the armor powered down. As his audio receptors powered down, he heard the triumphant roar of the beast and the heraldic of drums of thunder. It was soon followed by an agonized roar, as lightning shot from the sky like a divine spear and towards the upraised arm of the suit. Then, his interface turned off, the pain in his chest causing his vision to darken. Then all was quiet.

This place is giving him bad memories, or in his way of saying things, ‘the shitty ones left at the bottom of the barrel’. Not to mention, it was a maze, and boy did he he hate mazes. A fucking maze lab in the middle of the fucking city’s chemo engineering labs. If he was smart, he’d just go around it, but nooo, someone had to put the fucking thing, in the middle of the fucking maze. He can’t go knocking down walls willy nilly either, if he manages to knock down the right wall, the bomb might just explode, and take half of the shoreline with it too. He raised his foot to kick the wall in frustration.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” A voice said, making him pause and look around. “Behind you.” He turned, and saw someone that looked similar to him, except that guy looked more like an asshole than he did, and probably gay. “Oh, la tee fucking dah, of course it's your doing. Who else in the gallery makes explosions?” Hydrogen Bomb said as he punched at the person. His fist went right through the face, as if it was made of air. “Ah, nice try. You see, I wouldn’t be so stupid to come here alone, especially when I know that I do not have the physical capabilities to fight you one on one. I suppose being my parallel, you would be. After all, you are the dumb one,” Dexplosive’s hologram snickered. “I guess you’re here to take care of the ‘bomb’? Poor thing, there isn’t one.”

“Sure, Knight’s scanners definitely got a bomb. He’s never wrong,” Hydrogen Bomb said with a sneer, which drew an amused smile from Dexplosive. “Oh you! You never let me finish! It’s not just one bomb. It’s dozens of them. You were just lucky to discover this one, not that it would matter. You have 30 minutes left and you haven’t even started on looking! By the time I’m done talking to you, 15 minutes would have elapsed, and even if you find it, I predict that you would have less than 2 minutes to defuse it, which you can’t, I’ve made sure there is only one option, which is to destroy it, but that would cause a blast strong enough to kill you. I suppose it is a heroic sacrifice.” Dexplosive huffed at the word ‘heroic’. While Dexplosive was talking, Hydrogen Bomb was opening room by room, the hologram following him like a pestering mosquito. “Heroes, so trivial. Why do you bother? Is it because of altruism? Moralistic views? Then again, you can’t save everybody, so what’s the point of it all? The world is dog eat dog, kill or be killed.” Hydrogen Bomb rolled his eyes as he peered into a window. “Yeah, sure, whatever. Fuck it’s one sided only.” Dexplosive tutted. “Not paying attention I see, so hardworking. For what? Do they give you any recognition? Praise? I’m sure you aren’t even compensated for this. Why try so hard to know that the world will just ignore you? I’ve done my research, ‘Less Than Amoebas! Threat to Manhattan!’, ‘Metas Cause Constant Collateral Damage!’. Oh how about I narrow it down? ‘Explosion Kills Thousands. Government Facility Destroyed.’” Hydrogen Bomb paused, causing Dexplosive to smirk. “Oh, did I hit one?” Hydrogen Bomb moved into a room, and picked up a device about the size of a thermos, a timer with red numbers counting down could be see. He had 2 minutes and 40 seconds left. “Why do you fight? Don’t you know you cause more harm than good?” Dexplosive asked, rhetorical and taunting. Hydrogen Bomb’s grip around the bomb tightened and Dexplosive’s hologram walked beside him to see him holding it. “Ah, found the bomb eh? Well, you’re out of time. Might as well give up.”

“Give up? No.” Hydrogen Bomb threw the bomb against a window, causing Dexplosive to frown. “You do know th-” Hydrogen Bomb cut him off. “You wanna know why I fight bad guys even if the people take a piss on me?” He walked over to the window and knocked on it as he picked up the bomb. “One sided windows, not very soundproof and you talk a lot.” Dexplosive’s smug expression dropped completely. “I know you have a Blinker, but can he teleport and get here before I beat the shit out of you? That’s right. I fight for one reason.” He began to slam the bomb against the one sided window. “I fight so that I can see the faces of bastards like you when I’m done beating the shit out of you.”

“Wait!” Dexplosive exclaimed, but Hydrogen Bomb did not wait as he drove his fist into the bomb as he punched it, the resulting explosion rocking the whole facility as it collapsed on itself.

She arrived at the spot within one minute since she woke up and had her morning, and non power related, jog as she was trying to shake off the fact that she was still slightly hungover from last night. She decided to go to ‘Saint Hilda’s Academy for Girls’, Songbird’s school, mainly to prank her when she gets there. After scarfing down her breakfast within ten seconds and putting on her costume in less then five, she zipped off to the school and left a tornado worthy mess behind in her apartment. Along the way she managed to get some milkshakes from the company that had put her face on their advertisements, or at least her insignia anyways. A red lightning bolt. It was a pretty sweet deal, all the milkshake she can drink and money that gets slapped into her hands.

Her feet dangled off the roof top as she finished her fourth cup, a small pyramid of milkshakes still waiting for her, it was barely eight o’clock but she can wait. One of the virtues of being a speedster is patience since your friends can be so slow all the time. “Songbird better be here right about now or I-”

She was cut off by a white and gold streaking zipping past her, suddenly a blonde girl wearing a white bodysuit with gold markings on her back, a pair of goggles and a smile appeared beside her. She gave Black Lightning a wave, faster than usual, another speedster. “Hi!”

The other speedster was Black Lighting’s parallel dimension counterpart, Lightspeed, and member of the Ashes to Last team. Despite being a villain, Lightspeed herself didn’t look very much like one, she was a morning person after all. “So, how long have you been stalking me?” Black Lightning asked as she emptied her fifth cup and offered Lightspeed her sixth, which she kindly declined. “About 3 hours, 5 minutes and….17 seconds? Dex kinda sent me to kill you. Wait no he said ‘Destroy her or something’. Something like that.”

“Leave it to the boys to give decent orders eh?” Black Lightning said as she sipped her milkshake. “So…I know we're suppose to try and kill each other and all but…how did you get your powers?” Black Lightning asked as she tilted her head at Lightspeed's direction, to which Lightspeed shrugged. “Oh, you know, a meteor shrapnel hit me, and some alien substance got into my system. Made me super fast. You?”

“Eh…struck by lightning. Not much to show by this cool ass scar doe.” Lightspeed put a finger over her upper lip as she inspected the other speedster. “Show me.”

Black Lighting raised an eyebrow, “You want me to take my outfit off? Really?” Lightspeed shrugged took her own top off as she revealed Black Lighting to her back, which had four to five wicked looking scars running down her back, scars which correlated with the gold marking placement on her back. “Surgery. I showed you mine, your turn.”

Black Lighting let out an exasperated sigh. “Here we go.” She revealed her’s to Lightspeed, the pink streak wormed it’s way from her right shoulder and slightly over her chest before crisscrossing down towards the left side of her belly, along the streak, smaller vein like projections branched out from the main scar. “Just like your insignia.” Lightspeed said as she reached out to trace the main streak causing Black Lighting to back away as she put her outfit back on. “Whoa there, and put your top back on.”

Lightspeed shrugged as she did so. “How’s your side of things? Like, how’s your teammates?”

“Blink’s an arrogant fuck, HB is just a fuck, Knight’s probably autistic, or something. Songbird? She needs to live a little and stop acting like a girl scout. We’re not kids anymore. How are things on your end?” Black Lightning asked, causing Lightspeed to shrug. “Worse than yours probably. See you soon?”

“In a flash?” Black Lightning asked, nudging her with her elbow. Lightspeed smirked. “In a flash.”

It's been 2 minutes into the fight and I know I have already lost, I won’t win against a villain like this. No way in hell am I going to be able to win like this. She’s too strong, she has everything, literally everything and is better than me. I’m going to lose this fight. I probably lost already, my body can’t move, but my thoughts are my own, I can still see what’s happening. I can’t make it stop.

My watch beeped rapidly as I’m forced to swap between powers over and over again. I got an 8, and a long whip-like tail sprouted from my back. It began to whip at the people that were running away, people I’m supposed to be protecting. I feel my tail drag a man towards me, my watch beeps again. Another 8. My tail didn’t go away. The end of it began to feel heavy, it waved in front of me for a bit, revealing that it was tipped with a spikes like a Stegosaurus’ tail. It began to raise itself above my head, I felt it drop down. This is it, killed by my own powers.

No, this was not going to how it ends, I am not going to die here. This is my power, and no matter how crap it is, it is still mine. I need to control it, yes ironic isn’t it? A power that is based around chance, needed to be controlled when I’m most desperate for it. It’s all a huge gamble, it always is. If only I can push the trigger for it.

I strained my whole body, my mind focused on one thing, moving my hands. Everything slowed down, adrenalin kicking in as I felt one of my fingers touch my watch, it would be enough. My heartbeat palpated when I heard the watch beep, the numbers blinked on the screen.

I got a 15.

My tail disappeared, in fact, I felt it shoot up my spine as it rapidly retracted, my roll shattered whatever control the villain had on me. Like gambling, you’ll never know when you’ll hit jackpot, don’t ever follow my example though, gambling is still bad. The powers I got seemed to give the villain some kind of feedback since they were clutching their head like someone just hit them with a club, I slapped my watch again. 4, not good. My body began to shrink, my limbs collapsed on themselves as my skin turned plastic and grew bumps. I was turning into a golf ball. That’s not good, but fortunately, it did allow me to dodge a punch from the villain’s glowing fist. Word is that those things hit with the concentrated force of an exploding sun. My body completely turned into a golf ball with a watch wrapped around it, the surface clicked against the floor. I heard the numbers bleep, my body reshaped itself with an instant and moved on it's own, my hands touched the ground and I pushed my legs forward. I got a 10, my legs felt weird. I looked and I realized my feet were hooves, my knee was bent backwards and I have kicked the villain into a fountain and made a statue fall on her. I bleated, an actual goat noise came out of my mouth as a blast of golden energy flew past my head. My slapped my watch again, causing it to bleep, the numbers moving as they blinked into view.

It was a 1.

I couldn’t move, my body felt heavy. Like my bones were made of iron, they probably are. My jaw went slack as my whole body collapses, my muscles unable to move the due to the weight of my metal skeleton. I leaned forward, allowing my body to fall forward as my watch hit the ground again. Another bleep. I could move again, my skin began to solidify into what looked like crystal. Another 10. I didn’t even have time to register how to use this new power when I felt a punch collide with my cheek, making me spit what looked like liquid diamonds. I snapped my head back and retaliated, pushing all my force into my attempt as I heard a loud ‘clang’ as I heard my fist collide with metal. I saw that her skin had turned gold, I had dented her cheek and it was slowly reforming.

We’re on equal level now, I can fight back. I glared at her as her nostrils flared, our feet mirrored each other as we tried to gain some footing, my left arm pulled back as her right did. The blows connected with the cheeks, the air in front of me sparkling as pulverized crystal splashed into the air, glittering under the light of the sun, while I heard the sound of dull ‘clang’ as my fist drove into her still reforming dent, knocking her jaw askew. We exchanged blows again, my fist now colliding with hers, my entire hand shattering while hers was punched so hard that the fingers and the hand itself crumpled into her forearm.

We both pulled back, cradling our stumps. Who is this villain? She’s my exact opposite, but yet the way she fights is so similar to mine. I need to amp it up.

After taking a moment to wipe away the liquid crystal that was my blood off my mouth, I then slapped my watch again. The numbers flashed up to an 18, my whole body surged with renewed energy as I couldn’t help but be at awe, it was as if the earth itself was feeding me energy, my every step was strong, grounded and slightly shook the ground that I stood on, like a gently rocking of a child’s cradle.

The gentleness was gone when the villain, her body still made of a gold substance, rushed at me. She moved to fast for my eyes to register, but I could feel the vibrations of her feet touching the ground. There was a brief silence from her before I felt another vibration, it came from behind me.

Before I could even turn around, two slabs of earth have erupted out of the ground to protect me from an incoming punch to the back of the head, and one more had knocked her into a slab covered with earthen spikes. The spikes shattered on impact with her metal skin, but the shock of it made her revert to her original from. That meant that she was vulnerable, allowing me to use that to my advantage as another slab of earth appeared on her left and rapidly slammed itself into the slab of earth she was leaning on.

She shattered it with a punch from her glowing fist before it collided with her, the chunks of the rock exploding outwards and towards me. The rocks fell to the ground before they hit me and melded back into the ground. I shifted my foot, causing a slight tremor that caused the villain to lose her footing and then threw out another slab to slam into her, but it did not budge as I willed it.

My watch beeped, timer was up already? This time it was a 17. Still a good number, this time, my muscles roared with power as I blasted out a wave of energy out of my hands, it didn’t seem to stop her much as she slammed her fist into my stomach which ended up sending me flying into the wall 15 feet away, and caused it to collapse on me

That should have killed me, maybe this power was some kind of enhanced durability with the extra of laser fists. I brushed off the rubble of the collapse wall with ease, and reacted just in time to intercept the incoming blow to the side of my head with a hand. This one seems to like going for the head a lot, her hand began to glow as it was caught by the arm, her fingers spread open as her palm began to glow.

She wasn’t the only one charging up a blast attack. With my free hand, I extended my fingers as my palm too began to glow with intense light, maybe I can fire before she does. No, I’m too slow, we’re going to end up taking each other out.

The sounds of our lasers being fired out from our hands rung through my ears as my watch began to beep. I saw my light wash over her face as my vision filled with white.

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