Dear Mom,

Sorry I haven’t been writing to you lately, I didn’t really get much things to write on besides napkins there and…well, the incident still kind of haunts me. In the back of my head, I will always remember what happened, and what I did to him. Part of me says he deserved it. Part of me says nobody deserves that, not even him.

I should probably start from the beginning. He was nice to me, a gentleman, he looked out for me. I never thought that he’d even look at me when I first met him, but he did, he acted like he cared for me, like I was his everything. I was so dumb, I fell for it. I fell for it hard. His sugary words, his praise, his gifts. It was all a lie. Every single thing. Lies.

I’m sorry about that. Thinking about him now, and how he treated me. I get so angry about that. Everything he did was a ruse, it was all just some sick way to get me to lower my guard. All because he wanted to feed on his sick fetish on hurting people. I should have believed my friends, but I didn’t. Now, not only did I push them away, I proved their point. They told me he was abusive towards his girlfriends, that the girls that broke up with him left with more bruises than the pieces of their broken hearts, I’ve become one of those girls. He tricked me into going home with him, he locked us in his room. I thought we were gonna do it, some passionate love, you know? I was wrong. He started whipping me with his belt, telling me to scream for him. When I didn’t and started crying, he whipped me even more. Worst is, I didn’t leave him after that, I kept quiet, I let it happen.

I was useless.

I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced it, but all I know is that I eventually snapped one day. I did what he always wanted me to do. I screamed, rage, fear, sadness, I poured everything into that scream, everything I hated about him, all of the feelings I had at that time. I killed him. I still remember seeing him double over, clutching his ears as they bled out. I remember seeing him crumble into a broken mess. I remember touching him and feeling his broken ribs. I felt how his heart stopped beating. I wanted to break down and cry, but I didn’t, I walked away, battered and bruised. That was until his neighbours found me and sent me to the hospital. I look fine now, but I don’t feel fine. Like there’s this dirty spot on me that I can’t get rid of.

I’ve had enough of feeling weak. I want to do something about it, not just for me, for everyone else that has felt that they are defenseless. I can be a voice, cogent voice. I can make them listen.

Your Little Songbird

Imagine the most fucked up situation you’ve ever experienced in your whole life, multiply that by ten, then divide it by five. Round that off to the power of eight and add up the angle of the tangent before you finally try and divide by zero. What do you get? Math error.That’s what I am, an error. I can’t say I really deserve getting nabbed off the streets. Then again, I kinda am a jerk to the nerds in school, and I got suspended for beating up another guy for ‘looking at me funny’. Still, being turned into a living experiment? Nobody deserves that torture.

Tuesday night, talking a walk down the local park during the evening, normal day. Until a pair of men in black grabbed me from behind, chloroformed me with a napkin and dragged me off to who knows where. Public area, someone gets nabbed and nobody even bats an eye, society is fucked up sometimes.

When I woke up, I found myself tied to a surgical work table, face down, kinda like those massage tables that they have in spas, where the beds are made so that the people can lie face down. What I felt wasn’t like a spa though, something was drilling into my back, pins and needles went down my lower back. I couldn’t move, I heard someone talking. Something about another dose. Something stabbed my neck, my vision went black.

I don’t remember most of what happened during the ‘procedures’, most of the time I was zonked out because of the anesthesia, but every time I woke up, I’d find myself in a straitjacket, like one of those people you see on the TV that live in the funny farms. Like a mental asylum patient. I doubt mental asylum patients were forced to run ‘tests’, which were usually electric shocks. I think I was stuck there for a whole week, I can’t tell, time just flew away. I think I kinda went a little bit bonkers in there too, kinda got the whole effect of ‘I’m a mental patient’ thing going on.

Shit hit the fan for them when they tried to blow me up, I’m not sure if their C4 got rigged or whatever, but that blast was way too early, they didn’t manage to get out of range in time before it blew. Everyone in the room, except for me, didn’t make it. It’s not a pretty sight, video games are not real life, that’s what I’ll say. That was what triggered me I think, maybe they were done with me, maybe this was all some sick joke. I punched the first person that came in to check, some dude I’ve never seen before, probably new to the job.

I punched that guy’s head, and it blew up. Like someone shoved a grenade right in his face, I regretted opening my mouth at that time. Another guy came in, same thing, I blew a hole open in his chest, the blast ripped his limbs off. I had no clue what the fuck was going on, I didn’t care much about them that time, all I did was run straight for the door, punching and shoving everyone that got in my way. I think I hit something else too, something that made the whole place blow up when I got out, middle of the desert, fucking far away from home. I eventually got back by hitchhiking some truckers, they wouldn’t believe me if I told them what I saw and what I did, they’d probably just laugh it off as some crazy runaway kid’s story.

I know now, there’s always gonna be people out there that just pick on whoever they like. Fuck those people, I wanna see how they like it when I drop a bomb on them.

Student’s log, Tuesday

The events of this day will not be forgotten. Exactly 4 p.m., a man wearing an advanced suit of armor crashed into my backyard while fighting off some tentacled dog-like abominations. He managed to defeat the creatures by decimating them with his bare hands, my parents and my brother were there as well. They witnessed the whole event unfold in their backyard, seeing him finish off the beasts. He’d approach me, kneeling down, he said. ‘I remember when I looked like that. Look, you’re all probably scared of me, and I’m sure the authorities are arriving within the next 15 minutes. I can tell, someone’s heard the commotion and phoned your local police department. I don’t have much time left.’ His armor began to shift and retract until it became only a simple chestpiece. My father approached him and asked ‘Wait, what were those things? Who are you?’

The pale man smiled as he looked up into the sky. ‘The sun. I missed it.’ His smile brightened when he saw my father. I swore that he mouthed the words ‘Daddy,’ before his face turned solemn, his tone serious. ‘Your world is about to be invaded by a terrible force. What you’ve seen was just a smudge of what this force can create. I am from another world, a world doomed to fall to this force.’ The man began to cough. ‘I have already been infected, my body will not be able to keep going soon, I can already feel the venom biting into my flesh.’ He looked at me, and closed his eyes. He said my full name, my father’s full name, my mother’s full name, even my brother’s full name. ‘I am you from another world, and I missed you, mom, dad.’ He said, his eyes dimming as he coughed up green bile over his white bodysuit. ‘Use the armor I have given you. I know you will put it to good use. Be the Knight that stands against the darkness. Be…’ He trailed off, as he began to stagger backwards before collapsing onto the ground, among the bodies of the tentacled beasts. My mother looked distraught, there was a dead man who claimed to be me in the backyard, and there were police coming. My father grabbed me by the shoulders and told me ‘Hide the chestplate, son.’ I was confused, admittedly scared, but I listened, running to my room and hiding the chestplate under my bed.

We then heard the sirens, and the sound of our door being kicked down, it wasn’t a police force, it was a fully equipped SWAT team. They ordered us to get on the ground, which my family complied to. I panicked and hid myself in my closet, afraid of the authoritative voice that demanded us to ‘Put your hands behind your head! Get on the ground!’

There was dead silence for uncountably long moments, before I heard the sounds of gunfire. I put my hand over my mouth, the thought of my family being shot made me sick. Then I heard the voice say ‘Move out!’, followed by a flurry of footsteps. The sirens sounded, and faded away. I quickly got out of my hiding spot and ran towards the backyard, to see my family lying on the ground, unharmed, but merely unconscious. I was relieved, and at the same time I was shocked. The body of the man who claimed to be me from another world was missing, so were the tentacled dogs. To my relief, my family began to stir, but they seemed to not have any recollection of what was going on. I was mystified, how did my family manage to forget an event like that, especially when it just happened a while ago? I tried to insist that it was true, but my mother simply thought I was talking about one of my video games. Even when I showed my parents the chestplate, my father simply smiled and patted my back saying ‘Nice paintjob on your Halloween costume, son.’

Exasperated, I stopped insisting, but that event shook me. I saw myself die today. I am certain that the man was me, he had a very familiar jawline, similar to my father’s. I will tamper with the chestplate tonight, figure out what he meant by being ‘the Knight that stands against the darkness’. And maybe, just maybe, I can follow up on that request.

It’s not fair, why did it have to be her? Out of all people why her? She was my best friend, she was the first person I talked to at school, we shared so many memories together, and even then.

God still had to kill her, right in front of me.

I saw the flash of lightning in the air, I wasn’t fast enough. Now she’s dead. Struck down by lightning, I could still smell her charred body. Oh God, I still remember the smell. She wasn’t dead yet either, she was screaming, still screaming. God, the screaming. Bad enough that she got struck by lightning, but she felt the whole thing, she didn’t deserve to die like that. Nobody does. I remember seeing her shoes get blown off, and how it ripped through her clothes, how through the flash, I could see her bones.

She died on the way to the hospital, according to the paramedics, her heart rate started to increase rapidly, before something inside her burst, and it stopped beating. She stopped breathing soon after. I don’t think I can talk about this anymore. It hurts too much.

So many people showed up at her funeral, even some that I didn’t know about. She had so many cousins, I didn’t even know that she had an entire branch that wore tricornes to formal events. I didn’t like how the girls that picked on us at school attended too, they talked like they knew her, as if she was their friend. I kept my cool, she wouldn’t have wanted me to get angry over something like this.

Ironically, it rained during her funeral, as if the sky itself was sorry for what it did to her. That wouldn’t have brought her back, she’s dead now.

I almost broke down when it was my turn to pay my respects, sure, my speech about her wasn’t as fanciful as her mom’s or her dad’s, but I didn’t need to say much about her. Words can’t describe the times we had together. I just hope she’s in a better place now.

I saw her. I’m not going insane. I definitely saw her, she waved at me from outside my window today. She’s still alive! My parents said it’s just me hallucinating out of grief. I’m not hallucinating. I swear, it was her. Her parent wouldn’t say anything about her, but I know.

She’s alive, I don’t know how she is alive, but she is.

I knew it! I knew she was alive. This time, she appeared in my room, holding my hand. She told me this crazy dream she had after she got struck by lightning, I didn’t understand the half of it, but according to her, she managed to get out of her coffin by ‘vibrating’ past it. She told me that the lightning strike gave her superpowers, super speed in fact.

It sounded crazy, and it probably still does. I didn’t care though, my friend’s alive, and she’s now got super cool superpowers. She told me that I couldn’t tell her parents, not because it’d scare them but because it was for their safety. Apparently, she said that the government was going after people like her, people with powers. She doesn’t know what, but she said she wanted to investigate.

She said, ‘Don’t worry about me. I’ll see you soon.’ Then she zipped off in a flash of black lightning.

He was always told that he was a special child. Not because his parents wanted him to feel good about himself, nor was it a form of reassurance, or bolster for a disability. It was because he just is. A child born into a family of incredible capabilities.

It was unfortunate news that one of his cousins got struck by lightning on his birthday, one of the many that he can’t recall the names of. One in a million chances of that happening, he did not dwell on the probability that another would be struck down on the same day. As his thoughts lingered upon the news, a knock on his bedroom door interrupted him.

It was his grandfather, bearing a gift. Hardly wrapped at all, in fact, it wasn’t even that much of a surprise when he could see what the gift was. A hat, a triangular hat that reminded him of someone like Jack Sparrow would have worn. He was told that it was his time to bear the hat, that this particular one was a special hat, a tricorne worn by his ancestors. He felt that it would have been an honor to be in possession of such an heirloom, but he refused to accept it. It was only when his father insisted him to do so that he did, to him it sounded more like a demand.

After he readied and dressed himself, his grandfather told him a story, about a pirate who threatened the trade routes across the Atlantic Ocean that was known as ‘Captain Blink’, he was called ‘Captain Blink’ because his movements were so fast that it looked like he moved as fast as the eye could blink. The boy had heard this story several times from his mother, this was a bland story now, it did not interest him, that was until his grandfather told him why the pirate was able to move so fast. It was because of magic.

The boy scoffed at the remark, disbelieving in that notion, to which his grandfather chided him and made him put on the hat. Nothing particularly magical happened as he did so, but there was a refreshing feeling as he put on the hat, like a cool splash of water. That made him think of the sea, of how the waves moved and how the seagulls would squawk annoyingly as they flew past the pier that wasn’t far from their home.

He snapped back to reality when he heard someone open a soda can, it was then he heard the sea, he was no longer inside his house. He was at the pier, the seagulls annoying squawking could be heard as they flew over head. He panicked, since when was he at the pier? He looked around frantically, as if it was a practical joke his relatives have decided to play on him, like that last birthday he had, where he was knocked unconscious by one of his cousins and woke up sitting in the seat of honor in a high classed restaurant. He remembered how the surroundings were like, the elegant live music, the soft chair he sat in, the food that he ate.

There was that sound again, the opening of a soda can. He was suddenly in the exact restaurant he was thinking about, landing on the lap of some older, well off foreign woman. The waiters dragged him out unceremoniously and dumped him on the streets outside, one of them was dialing into his phone, calling the authorities for his intrusion. Panicked, he quickly thought of home. And as the same sound rang through his ears, he found himself sitting in the same chair where he first left the house, his grandfather flashed him a smile, revealing barely any teeth left.

‘Now do you believe me?’ The grandfather said. To which the boy nodded, yes, now he understood what his grandfather meant. It was magic. He smiled back at his grandfather, already thinking about plans on what he would do with this gift, and the first thing would be to change the world for the better, in a blink of an eye.

Discovery of strange alien sphere in college dorm. Police refuse to give comment. Locals fear radiation.

Tuesday, a strange silver sphere crashed into the dormitory of a student that wished to remain anonymous. She said ‘The thing punched a hole in the roof and broke the sink and the toilet. Something small popped out of it and latched onto my necklace. I panicked and swatted it away, I think I killed it.’

The creature is still under investigation, as well as the sphere. So far, no other effects have been reported from the crash besides collateral damage. The college is closed until renovation and the students have been assigned to stay in the local community shelter.

Police in Monant City say at least 50 people have been killed by violent metahuman attacks. Locals relieved of metahuman incarceration. Rumors of vigilante metahuman.

Codenamed Hitchhiker, Joseph Kurbashi, 35, has been successfully apprehended by what is said by witnesses to be a ‘metal girl who periodically turned into a squirrel then shot lasers out of her hands’.

Hitchhiker is being sent to Black Wall for a life sentence under charges of murder, assault and battery, human trafficking and abuse of metahuman powers. He had been known to possess the bodies of normal civilians and used them as vessels for his crimes.

Witnesses say that the vigilante ‘fled the scene as quickly as she arrived’ and that she ‘disappeared into the air like a supernova’.

‘We don’t know who this person is, but it can be another metahuman that decided to tangle with Hitchhiker because of a turf conflict. We cannot overlook the fact that this so called ‘hero’ is also a vigilante as well. Real heroes don’t wear masks, they wear uniforms.’ says Commissioner Harford of the MCPD.

Casino goers saved by vigilante metahuman. Locals cheer for hero. Notorious gangsters apprehended.

Local casino experienced an armed robbery from the Howlitzers gangsters earlier this morning. Police were unable to enter the building due to the scene becoming a hostage situation. Fortunately for the hostages, the recurring superhero arrived on the scene to rescue the hostages.

Witnesses report the hero ‘summoning plants out of the ground and ‘pulling a porcupine out of a gun before throwing the porcupine exploded into ravenous stick insects that continuously slapped the villains into submission’.

‘I don’t know where she came from, but she’s like getting a boxcars in a game of craps, we need more powerful heroes like this, it makes us feel safe,’ said another rescued civilian. ‘The probability of us being blessed with heroes like these are 1 in 36,’ added another.

Whoever this unnamed heroine is, the paper supports her heroism. We are lucky and proud to have heroes like these protecting people like us.

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