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After creating a page, you may give tags depending on the page you want to make.

  • hero: hero
  • villain: villain
  • blackwall: black wall containment
  • dead: deceased/decommissioned metahuman
  • lta: less than amoebas
  • armageddon: armageddon
  • neutralizers: neutralizer
  • l2p: l34rn4pl4y
  • sun: rising sun
  • ndw: ne'er-do-wells
  • purifiers: purifier
  • independent: independent metahuman
  • genzero: generation zero metahuman

After creating a page, you may give tags depending on the page you want to make.

  • backstory: backstory

After creating a page, you may give tags depending on the page you want to make.

  • project: active government project
  • completedproject: completed government project
  • decommissionedproject: decommissioned government project
  • city/country: city/country
  • place: place
  • dimension: dimension
  • cog: affiliated with the coalition of governments
  • team: metahuman team
  • organization: organization
  • other: other metahuman/anomaly
  • Be sure to give your pages all relevant tags, i.e. all metahumans which make relevant appearances, teams, etc..
  • Unless specified above, use full names without spaces for tag names, i.e. blacklightning, deathmetalhellscream as well as classifications, i.e. blinker, bruiser.
  • Tag former/deceased/decommissioned team members with ex[teamname] instead of [teamname], i.e. exarmageddon.
  • Please use file attachments when inserting an image in case the link to your image dies.


Next to the Edit button on the page options is a button that says Tags. If you click on that button, a form will appear that will let you edit the tags on that page. When finished, you can see the list of tags sitting below the content on the lefthand side; you should see that this particular page has a single tag, called "tagged". But, what exactly are tags, and what are they useful for?

Quite simply, a tag is simply a keyword used to describe the content on that page. These are keywords that you might type into a search engine. For example, if you have a blog post about how to make boiled eggs, you might tag the page with "cooking", "eggs", "boiling", and "food". All of these words describe the page's contents.

If you precede a tag name with an underscore (_), it is considered a hidden tag. Hidden tags are useful for website maintenance (like tagging a page with "_incomplete").

Tagging pages is useful for a variety of reasons. Firstly, these tags can be captured by Wikidot's search engine so that better results may come up. Secondly, tags can serve as an additional parameter for the ListPages module. Therefore, you can choose to list pages that have a specific tag.

For example, if you wanted to hide all of your incomplete blog posts that are tagged with "_incomplete", you could use the following ListPages code:

[[module ListPages category="blog" tags="-_incomplete" separate="false"]]
* %%title_linked%%

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