Relevant Terms

Over the years, many terms- which are mostly centered around metahumans- have been created in order to provide an identifier for recognized phenomena. These terms range from slang to terminology used in the scientific world.


An individual possessing abnormal abilities usually not physically possible to be expressed by the average human.


Slang and short form for metahuman. It is used as a prefix to many metahuman-related terminology.


A metahuman who combats criminal activity (usually with an alternate persona).


A metahuman who commits crime (usually with an alternate persona).


An anomalous non-human threat characterized by massive size and powerful metahuman abilities.


Slang for elemental-class metahumans.


A savant-class metahuman capable of perceiving future events.

Familiar Instructor

An instructor-class metahuman who is capable of only producing a single minion.

State Shifter

A shifter-class metahuman who assumes another form in order to utilize powers.


A shifter-class metahuman who can assume the appearance of creatures, objects or other individuals.


Slang for chance-class metahumans.


The study of metahumans and metahuman abilities.


A person who studies and practices metapology


The DNA part present in active and latent metahumans which directly triggers the development of metahuman abilities.


An individual who received metahuman abilities before or shortly after birth.

Darwinian Savant

The term refers to early primeval humans who were theorized by Charles Darwin to have evolved savant intelligence which propagated the rise of the species to dominance.

Ritual Power

A metahuman ability which requires self-harm or the harming of living things or requiring the sacrifice of living or non-living things in order to function.

Battery Power

A metahuman ability which has limited use which may be replenished.

Latent Power

A metahuman ability whose limitations can be reduced or whose potency can be increased through repeated use or training.

Agency Power

A metahuman ability which can act on its own, sometimes against the user's own wishes or a power which gives little to no control to the user.

Power Fatigue

A condition where a power weakens and or harms the user because of overuse.

Meta-Cerebral Link

The connection between the metagene and the brain which enables powers to function properly. It is theorized that the connection provides powers an avenue to draw inspiration from a metahuman's mind.

Metamentislabemia (MML)

A condition wherein the manifestation of metahuman powers result in noticeable psychological change in an individual.

Traumatic Metagene Stimulus (TMS)

A sudden activation of the latent metagene triggered by mental stress.

Metamanifestusemia (MMS)

A condition wherein individuals fall ill as a symptom of developing metahuman powers. Characterized by a weakened immune system, feeling of fatigue, high fevers and in some cases, comas.

Self-Destructive Metagene Stimulus (SDMS)

A condition wherein the manifestation of metahuman powers results in harm to the individual which may be due to ignorant or uncontrolled use of metahuman abilities.

[First|Second|Third]-degree Mutant

A metahuman whose powers resulted in noticeable physical alterations.

  • First-degree Mutant: minor growths, minor modifications to existing body parts
  • Second-degree Mutant: major growths, major change to existing body parts
  • Third-degree Mutant: complete change in physiology
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